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October is National Fire Prevention Month, a time when we should all be aware of ways to help learn fire safety and prevention. According to Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Acting Regional Director Dennis Hunsinger, most Americans underestimate their risk for fire, and many either lack emergency response plans – or fail to practice them with fire drills.

"This last week, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sponsored National Fire Prevention Week, with a great message: ‘Home Cooking Fires: Watch What You Heat!’” said Hunsinger. “And it’s true. One out of three home fires start in the kitchen, and leaving cooking unattended and other unsafe kitchen practices are recipes for disaster.”

Hunsinger also cautioned against complacency and encourages everyone to take the next step. “Annual observances like National Fire Prevention Week and National Fire Prevention Month are excellent opportunities to focus on fire hazards – but we should all practice fire safety every day—at home, at work and at play,” he said. “The NFPA offers a wealth of safety information, fire prevention tips and resources on their comprehensive website: www.nfpa.org. And I encourage everyone to contact your local fire department to learn more about making your home safer from fire, or how you can best participate in fire prevention activities.

Janitorial Service can be a hazardous industry involving the use of various chemicals that if used incorrectly could result in injury or illness. This course will help you to recognize chemical hazards and how we can protect ourselves.